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Lillian Huang

Hai guise i am 2nd year phd student currently trash can but working on being a waste-paper basket pls give me a chance just put me in coach i can do it maybe prob not ok i'm done

I do computer vision research with Professor Abhinav Shrivastava at the University of Maryland. He has gotten me pretty drunk before. It's okay, I sobered up before going home and was firmly in hangover territory by bedtime.

I studied physics and computer science as an undergrad at the University of Michigan. Ugh sometimes I just really miss Ann Arbor and Blank Slate and seriously college park has no restaurants the only thing is it has a gong cha but even Ann Arbor has cha time now so idk was it really worth leaving home i mean def it was bc i felt suffocated at home constantly but still i am pretty homesick also I have a six page document detailing ann arbor's points of interest and you can find it here and I wrote it for a friend who was more than a friend and now we don't talk bc i AM STUPID

Why vision you might ask? Because honestly i really wanted to go to art school but i never saw it as a true viable option because my parents are proud tiger parents and therefore i was conditioned to do and respect math and science from a young age as the only noble careers that are worth anything. Seriously, being called an engineer in my house was a degradation. (ha, that's basically what i am now suckaaaaass) but anyway here we are and i didn't go to Gobelins and probably wouldn't have gotten in if i even tried bc i had no portfolio and honestly was too scared of that life path when I was extremely briefly given the chance to throw away all the years of math training and actually go for the art thing bc i told myself i had to make money somehow and i can always do art on the side but can i really when i spend all week doing work and then feel too tired and or drained to actually produce anything of value artistically GUFDHSJFKDJKFSL i told myself i'd learn how to animate and it's been nine months and i've learned squat i am a failure nothing is worth anything i really am worthless y'all were right mom and dad

oh yeah and vision bc comp sci/machine learning + art = computer vision and/or graphics but i never did any graphics as an undergrad and only ML related stuff (i don't think michigan offers graphics as a class even) so yup hullo vision this is my life now hooray

I have only ever taught one class, and that was Discrete Structures Fall 2018. I was a TA. I helped some bbs learn how to write proofs. I think I was like halfway effective. One of my students recently found me at the gym and told me that he had liked me, "like deadass i did like you, like i could tell you were nervous but you were a good teacher" and apparently he did actually pass with a B+ so take that how you will

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